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Mini-Vim Suture Anchor

Mini-Vim Suture Anchor

Mini-Vim Suture Anchor, 2.8mm
Bio Fiber

  • Ideal for Bankart and SLAP repairs as well as other small anchor indications.
  • Tremendous pull-out strength.
  • 2.8mm wide threads provide superior bone purchase.
  • Titanium suture anchors exhibit ideal fixation strength and anchor stability.
  • Preloaded with # 2 BioFiber.
  • Implant can be manually inserted using the disposable handled version.
  • A drill is available for use in hard bone if desired.
  • For arthroscopic applications, the Mini-Vim anchor can be inserted through the Mini-Vim Spear eliminating the need for a cannula. This is ideal for SLAP and subscapularis repairs where a small stab incision and percutaneous delivery of the implant is preferred.

Mini-Vim II suture anchor, 3.5mm

  • The unique thread design of the Mini-Vim II 3.5 anchor provides extraordinary pullout strength and easy insertion in all bone conditions, and provides superior solutions to the orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Full thread purchase of cortical bone increases strength and eliminates "anchor" pull-back.
  • Preloaded with One # 2 BioFiber in a single-use sterile pack.

Super-Vim Suture Anchor

Onbutton Cl

  • Ideal for mini-open rotator cuff repair procedures.
  • Single-step insertion.
  • Self-drilling.
  • Multiple Biofibers dispense load over more of the tendon.
  • Independent Biofiber channels reduce suture binding.
  • Achieves excellent soft bone purchase and pull-out strength for cancellous bone.
  • Needlepoint tip permits atraumatic hand insertion through soft tissue.
  • Anchor's wide threads and small core optimise bone purchase.
  • Double-loaded OR Triple-loaded with BioFiber # 2 in contrasting colours in a single-use sterile pack.
  • Catalog No. BAS-9002.50F - Super-Vim
  • BAS-9030.50F - Super-Vim III



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