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Revision THR

Ravitan Stem

The Revitan Stem is a modular cementless revision implant, which in its entirely consists of two different proximal and two different distal component series in a range of sizes.This enables the use of the common fixation techniques of cementless revision hip replacement.The proximal component is available in cylindrical and spout shapes, each of which is available in lengths of 55 to 105mm in 10mm increments.The cylindrixal proximal component is used for either a purely distal fixation, by using a transfemoral approach, or for an endofemoral implantation technique. The spout component is generally applied only when the endofemoral implantation technique is used in order to improve the iRavitan Stemmplant/bone contact. The distal component distinguishes the curved or straight form of the prosthesis, so that the Revitan system is divided into Revitan Curved and Revitan Straight by using the distal component. Both systems- straight and curved  - have advantages.


 The original WAGNER SL REVISION STEM offers a time proven solution in the treatment of revision hips. While its underlying anchorage philosophy and bone-regenerating ability is uncontested, almost 20 years of clinical experience with this implant have led to the introduction of a number of modifications, which enhance the use of the implant and its indication range. Thus, the third generation is natural evolution of the original Wagner SL Revision Stem and offers state-of- the-art features to accommodate today’s demands in revision total hip arthroplasty.  

Features of the stem concept are its tapered design, longitudinal ribs and circular cross-section. The narrowing in 2° angle continues linearly for the entire length of the stem. Eight sharpened longitudinal ribs run down to the lower edge of the neck of the prosthesis and cut approximately 0.1 to 0.5 mm into the cortical bone, conferring increased primary and rotational stability.



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