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drill & saw Hand piece

Battery Power System for Orthopaedics

Bio ScrewBattery Power system should be versatile functions and should used in all applications requires in large banes and small bones. The system should be true modular system should have dedicated h/p for oscillating saw and Reciprocating saw as well as single hand piece modular operated with Oscillating and reciprocating sawing attachments.

The two trigger Drill hand piece should have the feature Drill, Ream, Oscillate and Screw/Tap with one hand piece.

The cannulation of the drill hand piece should be more than 4.5mm. The speed of Drilling should be maximum 1300 RPM and Torque should be available up to 12Nm.Should have quick  coupling drilling attachments with AO small and AO large, Hudson and Jacobs chuck couplings tools. Should have quick coupling Reaming attachments for AO large, Hudson, Aesculap and Jacobs coupling tools. Drill H/p should not weight more than (0.7 Kg).

Bur Attachment for Drill hand piece for removal of cement in revision for high speed application maximum speed 30,000 RPM Short, medium and long extension Bur guards to be used with Bur attachment. Burs for cement removal. The speed of dedicated Oscillating Saw should be more 10,000 CPM. Any should have adaptability to be used with all sizes of Arthroplasty blades.

The Saw hand piece should have 4 intervals at 90deg each and should not have weight more than (0.90Kg). The speed of dedicated Reciprocating Saw should not be less than 13,000CPM, with 4 intervals at 90 deg each and should not have weight more than (0.80 Kg).The modular Drilling H/p should have adaptability to have variation in Speed and torque with different attachment to have different functions in drilling and reaming. The speed torque ratio should be at least of three variations like 1:1, 3:1 and 5:1.The system should have Arthroplasty blades, special trauma blades for sawing.

Four stations Battery charger with automatic battery conditioning should have facility to have sterilizing case for the batteries for charging. Battery should have auto cleavable and non auto cleavable batteries.


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