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NexGen LCCK (Legacy Constrained Condylar Knee) System

LCCKRevision total knee arthroplasty, in particular, can be a very challenging task for any orthopeadic surgeon. Failure of a primary arthroplasty may have many causes, including wear, aseptic loosening, infection, osteolysis, ligamentous instability, and patella femoral complications. One of the most important requirements in revision knee surgery is to identify the exact failure mode of the preceding arthroplasty. If this is not clearly understood, the revision is less likely to succeed. A common reason for failure in a revision total knee arthroplasty is to repeat the errors which occurred at the previous TKA. In approaching revision procedures, the surgeon must consider the planning of the incision over a previously operated site, the condition of the soft tissue, the functionality of the extensor mechanism, the extraction of the primary prosthesis, and the preservation of bone stock. The primary goals of a revision procedure include the restoration of anatomical alignment and functional stability, the fixation of the revision implants, and the accurate reestablishment of the joint line.


NexGen RHK (Rotating Hinge Knees) System

 The NexGen RH Knee is designed to address the key issues that relate to many conventional Rotating hinge knee designs. The design of the NexGen RH Knee features a modular hinge mechanism that results in 95% of the load being carried by the tibial condyles1, similar to the loading pattern of a primary implant design. Because the femoral condoyle remain centered on the tibia throughout the range of motion and the shape of the patella groove is similar to the NexGen design, patella tracking is similar to a primary knee design. Trabecular Metal Technology adds the benefit of added stability.

For the more challenging arthroplasty procedures, the NexGen RH Knee can be used in conjunction with the Trabecular Metal™ tibial and femoral cones* that address those most difficult bone loss scenarios. Since the RH Knee takes advantage of modular design by using NexGen Augments, the basic bone cuts are the same as those made for NexGen primary system components. This helps to minimize bone loss and allows the use of instrumentation commonly used in primary implant procedures.



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