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NexGen LPS-Flex Knee

 Accommodating flexion with the NexGen Legacy LPS-Flex Knee
The LPS-Flex Knee extends the NexGen Complete Knee Solution to patients capable of up to 155 degrees of active flexion.

Accommodating Deep Flexion
Extended posterior condoyle on the femoral component facilitate tibiofemoral contact to support deep flexion up to 155 degrees. Conforming geometry of the LPS-Flex femoral component with its articulating surface allows minimal loss of contact area in deep flexion.

Providing Extensor Mechanism Clearance
To reduce extensor mechanism tension and provide greater clearance for the patellar tendon during deep flexion, the articular surface features a deep anterior patellar cut-out.

Enhancing Stability
A modified posterior stabilized cam/spine mechanism increases subluxation resistance at deep flexion angles. To provide additional stability and fit, the design includes proportionally sized pegs on the femoral component.



 Women and men are different. That’s not news to the medical establishment. What is news is that Zimmer is first in the orthopeadic industry to address this fact… with the introduction of the Zimmer® Gender Solutions™ NexGen® High-Flex Implants. What makes them revolutionary is the way in which they compensate for the most important differences between women’s and men’s knees. It isn’t strictly a matter of size; it’s a matter of shape.

Why a woman’s knee?

  • A growing body of research has led to breakthroughs in distinctive female and male diagnoses and treatments — for conditions ranging from heart disease to rheumatoid arthritis. The need to account for gender-specific solutions in orthopedics is apparent.
  • Orthopeadic surgeons have reported anatomical differences in women’s and men’s knees for years• Orthopeadic surgeons often have to consider intra operative adjustments during knee surgery to accommodate women’s anatomical differences.
  • Women account for nearly two thirds of knee arthroplasties performed annually in the U.S.
  • Women are three times more likely than men to forego knee arthroplasty.



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