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Hydrocephalus Shunt

Hydrocephalus shuntTo help millions of children suffering from hydrocephalus disorders.

  • Ceredrain is made in a class 10000 clean room with dedicated workstations of class 100
  • Each shunt is individually tested for pressure charecteristics on computerized Automatic Quality Assurance system to ensure the functional reliability of Ceredrain
  • Ceredrain’s Burr hole design enhances easy surgical placement and there is no interference with CT Scan
  • Reliable opening / closing charecteristics ensured by:
    • Diaphragm type control valve
    • Valve seating interface of dissimilar polymers to minimize sticking
    • Slit valve at peritoneal catheter
  • Predetermined pressure ranges- low, medium and high
  • Available in Adult & Paediatric, VP & VA variants

GSL “Dome Valve” Shunt system is

available in following three types:

Type Product            Code
High pressure          SH601
Medium Pressure    SH602
Low Pressure           SH603


The design is such that it can sit on a 16 mm burr hole. Another important feature of this design is large surface area valve. Because of large surface area valve the chances of valve blockage are less. The CSF can easily pass through it. Collection of debris is also less likely.

The distal part is unitized with the valve. It saves lot of time from applying the connecter and ligatures. Distal part and ventricular part is made of radio-opaque silicone rubber. It can be seen in x-ray image.

The diameter of tube and connecter is enough to allow thick CSF to pass through it. There are no metal parts to interfere with MRI.

Chabra "Slit n Spring" Hydrocephalus

Shunt System

  • Charbara Slit N SpringOne unitized Chabra "Slit n spring" valve with 75 cm distal part radio-opaque OD 2.5 mm ID 1.3 mm, distal end closed with silicone plug, end has two pairs of slit valve.
  • One Ventricular part 15 cm long radio-opaque OD 2.5 mm ID 1.3 mm closed at the end within black silicone tantalum impregnated plug the end has 32-40 holes supplied with styled
  • Three straight connectors. Packed in double peel open blister trays. Sterilized by EO.

Type Product               Code
High pressure             SH201
Medium Pressure       SH202
Low Pressure              SH203



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